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New York, New York it’s a wonderful city

It’s been a while since I posted any comment or Photos for that fact. I wanted to but didn’t have the inclination to upset anybody when talking about the “B” word and UK politics which, both to be honest, have been paramount in my thoughts these last few years. Needless to say that my photography as well has taken a huge backward step (- put on the back burner lost my Mojo – call it what you will). But I still enjoy looking at photographs which, I’d like to add, I must say there is a lot of crap out there and for some reason gets a very large following or like – must be their friends or just trigger happy social mediums.

Photographers? Really think what you’re going to post on social media, think what the viewer will enjoy looking at and not what you think is a good photo.

Thats all for now folks…



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Times Square #neon #lights #newyork #nightphotography

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I fear heights! #newyork #architecturephotography #sculpture

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Infamous Brooklyn Bridge #newyork #bridge #brooklyn

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Just punting Canterbury style #canterbury #punting #canal

Scenes from Canterbury #canterbury

Clock tower #canterbury #clock #tower #kent

Under the roofs : Ashford designer outlet #ashford #shopping #ashforddesigneroutlet

At an Exhibition

Even though we have seen the photos by Don McCullin before it is an amazing experience to see them as the photographer would have wanted. All the prints shown at this exhibition were hand printed by Don McCullin.

What I found amazing were the viewers that not only studied the images extremely closely ‘trying to see the grain’ but those that took photos of the photos I wonder why, a weird practice in my opinion.

But nevertheless an amazing exhibition of work by this extraordinary photographer!

Is it Art?

What’s the point? Is it Art? You tell me.


The only thing I’d say – “it is original”!

Day out in a Morgan #car #classic #morgan #sportscars

That’s Kent right there! #landscape #kent #green #fields

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