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Just punting Canterbury style #canterbury #punting #canal

Scenes from Canterbury #canterbury

Clock tower #canterbury #clock #tower #kent

Under the roofs : Ashford designer outlet #ashford #shopping #ashforddesigneroutlet

At an Exhibition

Even though we have seen the photos by Don McCullin before it is an amazing experience to see them as the photographer would have wanted. All the prints shown at this exhibition were hand printed by Don McCullin.

What I found amazing were the viewers that not only studied the images extremely closely ‘trying to see the grain’ but those that took photos of the photos I wonder why, a weird practice in my opinion.

But nevertheless an amazing exhibition of work by this extraordinary photographer!

Is it Art?

What’s the point? Is it Art? You tell me.


The only thing I’d say – “it is original”!

Day out in a Morgan #car #classic #morgan #sportscars

That’s Kent right there! #landscape #kent #green #fields

Buying nearly new!

Just the other day I was considering what camera to take on my New York trip in May. I didn’t want to take a load of gear just a small camera with two lenses. I have the lenses the Fujifim xf27mm ‘pancake’ and the superb xf18-55mm. For the camera I wanted something a little lighter than my xPro1 (and my X-E1 as you probably know is dedicated to IR and mono imaging)… So I went look about. I wasn’t going to spend a load of money on a new camera setting a budget of £120 to see what I could get.

It didn’t take me long! My first stop as always for used camera gear is Ffordes. In the right price bracket with Ffordes at £119.00 was the Fujifilm X-M1. I checked other sources out but none even came close that met my requirement and at a reasonable price. This camera has been out a while but I looking around for reviews on several sites and Youtube I came to the conclusion that the XM1 was what I was looking for. Small, light, an interchangeable lens camera and easy to handle – A quick call to the support desk at Ffordes to confirm the model and condition and I placed the order. The camera arrived two days later. it is exactly what I was looking for and no contrary to some reviews (especially the appalling DigitalRev) I found the overall layout of the nobs wheels and buttons are easy to function (and I have quite big hands).

So to the results… On a recent trip out down to Charing in Kent. Using the XM1 with the xf27mm pancake, I’m really pleased with the results. None of the images bellow have been edited these are ‘SOOC’! The XM1 handles light and shadow detail extremely well and operates superbly in dimly lit church interiors. Focuses quick and sharp, (FYI camera settings were; Aperture priority @ f8, ISO set to auto(200-3200), and EV -1 1/3… I have only one negative comment to make and that is the wi-fi link to the remote app on my iPhone! Doh! Its a little slow to say the least… (I hope the new upgrade of the Fujifilm App due out in March 2019 will improve the overall functions of file transfer)… But that said it’s not an important function for me I don’t need the immediacy to transfer images ‘on-the-go’ to my instagram account.

The XM1 fits the bill.

All set for New York now with this camera and just the two lenses (xf27mm and the xf18-55mm)


You don’t always have to buy the latest and greatest, there are some great used options out there!

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