This summer (2016), I had the chance to go to Monaco. Just to see how the other half live!
Cars, yachts and new Architecture were everywhere, as this tiny principality struggles to maintain its uniqueness, as it slowly expands almost to a point of bursting.
But a pleasant and quite little spot I found close to the man made beech was the Japanese Garden. All the noise from the city seemed to just drift away.



From Monaco we took a quick trip across the border to San Remo. Just to get a little Italian respite really!
The day started off well with good weather but soon led to threatening clouds followed by a huge thunder storm.
With the fast changing light it gave me a chance to use the Fuji X-E1 which has been converted with a 720Nm IR filter.
With a little editing in Lightroom to enhance the typical IR look… Blues become BLACK Greens become WHITE.
and to enhance it still further drop the clarity and add some grain!



Of course a Faux IR can be achieved direct from a RAW file Ill leave that for another time!

Regards Paul