Just before Christmas I went out for a late afternoon walk with my Yashica D (medium format) camera. Using Ilford XP2 400 rated at 800ISO this time, I was looking to see how the film and camera for that matter would preform in low light.

Agascreenshot-2017-01-06-14-41-17in, overall which this second roll of film, I’m quite happy with the results from the film and the camera. I was expecting the images to be underexposed and was pleased how my light-meter (an app on my iPhone – myLightMeter Pro – for £2.95) gave me the results that I was looking for. The results show very little grain (noise in real terms).


It’s definitely a process of image making which I’m enjoying and intend to use more especially on the street. Even though the camera is reasonably large especially when compared to up to date mirrorless cameras (generally the choice for street photography), I didn’t experience any public issues using it, in actual fact more of a look intrigue at me using what appears to be such an old camera,  which in truth it is!

There were eight from the twelve exposures that I am more pleased with. Probably 3 would be keepers!



Here I was looking to get the classic walker by with the theatre illuminated boards behind. Ive tried to edit in Lightroom to gain a little more exposure on the walker-by.






The classic silhouette. I like the way the wet pavement reflects the light from the backdrop which has it happened was a rolling screen of advertisements for the cinema. I waited for both the walker and the screen to be white. This would be a keeper!





One of my favourite places to visit in London at night time is Piccadilly Circus. I suppose it’s the closest thing we have to Time Square, New York, but that said using Mono film I was looking to create a silhouette scenario again with some form of a classic London interference. I think this image is almost there with the London Bus just coming into the shot on the left side. I maybe clutching at straws here, but the image is very close to what I was looking for.



The Dresser. Another attempt at catching the passerby, whilst using the background light-source from the theatre bill boards. For me there is just enough intrigue in the shot. Bright lights, dark streets and theatre goers. Another keeper.




As you can see from the images here, there is no problem pushing Ilford XP2 400 to 800 ISO next step would be to see how it handles at 1600… Will I get more grain (noise), I would expect so. But loaded in the Yashica D for now is a roll of 120 Acros 400. By all accounts this is a clear favourite for film photographers these days. I’m really looking forward to using that next time. The camera? Well it handles beautifully. It definitely slows me down which is a good thing, which has in-turn helped me when using my Digital camera’s… Focusing? Although, shall we say is a little ‘fuzzy’ when looking down through the viewer, is really straight forward. Shooting with a square format is not one that I have used before but have found that to be enlightening, giving me a tighter area to concentrate on.

Here’s to the next time – Yashica D with Acros400 – can’t wait!