It’s around this time of the year that some of you have probably set some targets or made New Year resolutions to improve your photography. Maybe, join a camera club, read more books, study the masters, watch You Tube videos or maybe listen to the odd interview! But, there’s nothing better than getting out street_12-04dscf0147with your camera ‘taking’ or rather making images. For those that enjoy Street Photography you will be aware of the Photo walkabouts, but it could be argued that these are not necessarily the best option to learn from. A walkabout typically starts off with good intent of a group sticking together but as with many they slowly disintegrate, as many attendees drop away, get lost or sometimes decide on another route. Not really the type of event to gain more tips and skills from. Yes, in may cases you can make some really good friends on a walkabout and there’s nothing better than to spend the best part of the day, talking about cameras, gear and sharing photographs. Practice makes perfect! Your photography will improve if you practice! You no doubt have heard these statements? Well they are true, nearly, as long as you are ‘guided’ the correct way to practice!

Inevitably, the ardent photographer, will start to xt10_street-1176look for better options as they search for their insatiable “want” for learning and to improve, would probably be better suited to a “Photography Workshop”. Whether you prefer working outdoors or indoors you will find one to suit you. In such an event of not more than 6-8 people, you will invariably get a ‘hands on’ tutor who encourages and can demonstrate camera skills and be prepared to be taken out of your ‘comfort zone’. That’s the best way to learn! Not to repeat the way you have worked so many times before, but to be shown another way, a different and successful way, which the tutor has used with great effect.

london_24-11_dscf9822This is what we at ‘Photography Live and Uncut’ intend to offer the photographer; a workshop that will teach you new skills, to try different ways to make photos; take you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to look and to be observant. The workshops will be either studio based or out on the streets, depending on your preferred genre. Whichever photo’ interest you prefer, we want to ‘share our knowledge’ with you, to ensure you gain the most from the event experience and improve your photography.

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