imageThe smart phone, since the
introduction of a camera has given everyone the opportunity to make photographs. Just take a look when walking out in the city, the towns and countryside and see how many people are using the mobile phone to record an image of a scene or family photo!

Photography has never been so popular. The advantage of taking a photograph and then posting it to your website, Flickr, Instagram or Facebook is so compelling and easy to do it becomes almost addictive. Who would of thought the advent of a mobile phone would lead to not only the expansion of photography and photography apps but also the demiseimage of the small compact camera. The camera that’s installed into all the smartphones now produce excellent image quality. Yes it could be argued those images are only fit for screen either on a computer, iPad or just the phone. But have you tried to print them off. You’d be amazed what can be achieved at the printing stage. Check out Jack Hollingsworth, an avid Camera+ user, The Tiny Collective, especially Elif Gulen and Ben Lowy (documentarist and photo-war correspondent) also See here his article on Hipstamatic app from these guys you will see the amazing results that can be achieved.image

Having a camera with you all the time gives you endless opportunities in essence you shouldn’t really miss any opportunity of capturing a moment of interest, fun or intrigue. The camera can capably handle low light situations, OK its a little difficult to control depth of field, but to be honest that’s not what you re looking for from a mobile phone camera. These cameras are light, unobtrusive and so popular on the streets no one really takes notice of you using the camera. For this reason street photography has boomed! But there are so many other opportunities that present themselves when using such a camera. Not onlyimage image creation but also the ‘Apps’ that can be added to the phone to use instead of the standard default camera on the phone.

Hipstamatic is my choice but there are others such as Camera+, Tin Type, Pinhole, 100cameras in 1 and many, many more. The advantage I find with Hipstamatic is that you have countless options to change the film and lens giving you simply loads of creative opportunities in colour and mono. My favourites are using the JohnS lens + AO DLX film, Foxy + Robusta and Salvador84 + Dream Canvas for that reflective mood.


Photography is a skill to be learnt, practiced to improve, on a regular basis and smart phone photography gives you just that. If you haven’t thought of using your camera phone on a regular basis, then it might be worth thinking again. Not only will you capture those previously missed chances, but at the same time you will be improving your photography.

If nothing more that’s worth thinking about, wouldn’t you say?

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