The best style of street photography is to get into the action. Get right into the subject matter don’t sit on the other side of the street with your tele-photo or zoom lenses and play ‘sneakey’ street. Many street photographers choose either 28, 35 or 50mm lens, some even user wider like a 14 and 18mm, for exactly that reason to get in ‘close’. For me my preference is the Fuji Xf35mm 1.4.

On a recent walkabout I chose to do something different (for me at least). The idea was to take faces in the crowd. I opened the lens up to f2 (for a shallow depth of field) set the shutter speed to around 1/250th with the



ISO set to auto… I stood in the middle of the walkway and took photos of the walkers as they passed by me.

As you can see from the images here many show that a few of them spotted me and made eye contact. That’s what I was looking for. Blurred faces in the fore and background with the one face in sharp focus.

Not one questioned what I was doing – some smiled, some acknowledged me, but not one complained.












It’s a really rewarding way to make street photographs, especially when you catch the face in the crowd, that reaction that quizzical look wondering what you are doing! It’s a process of street photography, that I will be returning to at a later date. Why not try it for yourself next time you’re out and about with your camera.


Until next time… All the best..