imageIt’s great to think that we as photographers could get our work published. Many photographers have done so not really to make a great deal of money from it – some do admittedly – but usually the books are to promote the sale of prints or as a record of an exhibition. Other styles of photo books exist that are produced as tutorials – the how to do it book! – where the photographer uses their own images to demonstrate how to improve your photography and create your own style. But this all costs money. The well known will get commissioned by book publishers especially if they are represented by a well know gallery.

You can of course go it alone with a start up project – like Kickstarter. This is not as simple as it sounds you will have to source basically everything not only collate your prints, arrange and buy the correct paper, set the cover style of the book (soft cover, hard back or ring bind) to be stitched or perfect bound! Plus finding the right printer for the job. Can they offer the complete service who will do the print production from print to collate binding and to what COST to you? You can see how this all builds up and becomes a very intense pressured venture for you.

The Gherkin

Yes you might get the finance with a little profit built in for your hard work, but if one small cog of this machinery that you have created slips out of synch, you will have a major problem on your hands, not only to correct the problem, whatever that may be (poor printing, an error in text, even the wrong paper) but also unsatisfied customers who have basically invested in your project asking where their copy of the book is! Slightly embarrassing for you if it ‘goes pear shape”!

So here’s my idea for you to consider by creating the whole imagebook as a .pdf an E-zine and use a site to promote it for you. You can offer these out either as a paid for item or for free. Recently I have created a number using Lightroom and saving the book as a .pdf and have published them on

Issuu is a great site as there are literally loads of books and well known magazines as well for you to view that you can save for later viewing. It is a great source especially for photographers. Here’s a link to my E-zines that I have created – Appassionato series by Griffo.


In all cases I have kept them simple. Not getting into specifics, but I’ve kept text at a minimum and have not trouble myself too much about collating the images. E-zines of a maximum of 40 images seem to be the best option. You can create through Lightroom single or double page spreads in any number of image configurations. Plus if you find the book is of interest to someone (maybe you want to gift one), go back into Lightroom change the specifics and get it printed by as a one off.

So simple to create and then once completed look to advertise the E-zine out on your social network, your blogs and/or your website. Mine are here… Photography Live and Uncut.

Enjoy – Publish and share your work!

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