We live in a world of impatience. Looking for the next product, the next upgrade, the next improvement on something we own already. We also live in a world where we are never satisfied.

mono_ports_DSCF4744-EditHow has this come about?

Today we see countless adverts for the latest and greatest product. No sooner than we have bought a product with a few months there is another which ‘we are told” is better than the previous version. Be that a camera, TV, bike, car, hairdryer or even a Government! Before I go any further let me say that I’m only too aware of the insatiable desire to have the latest and greatest product of any of the above. But do we really need that latest product? If I can I’d like to narrow this down to my interests; those being photography, cycling and politics.

Lets take a look.

In photography we have come a very long way in a short period of time from the 35mm film SLR camera to the latest Digital mirrorless camera. Some will argue that the new cameras are no better than the older; others will argue they are and in the long run cheaper to use considering the cost of film and processing. But not necessarily making us a better photographers! – And that is the ‘cusp’ of it. Upgraded versions of cameras will not make you any better as a photographer. Neither will buying more lenses. It might be considered it makes your job easier but not better! All that considered even the latest mobile phone camera can create some stunning images in the right hands! Its not the camera thats makes you a better photographer – Practice and your desire to be better would though. Put any camera in the hands of a professional and he/she will produce stunning work!puddles_DSCF0136.jpg

When we consider cycling and bikes (my latest endeavours to get fit) the considerations are slightly different but still bare the same comparisons. Buy a better (more expensive) bike and you’ll go faster. Well you will if you peddle harder! The latest bike is lighter – very true – than the older ones (purely down to improved machining and materials). “Upgrade to a Carbon bike!” “An improved gear set up and wheels will make the ride smoother, and will improve your cycling”! No it wont! It might make it easier to go up hills and allow you to cycle further, but it wont ‘improve’ your cycling  these are all great sales talk but consider this… Yes a lighter bike will help, but the more you cycle the fitter you get you will lose more weight and the better you ‘will’ become! Um that’s practice! Thats not down to the bike… For us mere mortals we cannot be sucked into the belief that a more expensive bike is going to improve our cycling! That said those looking to be a professional rider are in a different league and would need to compete on equipment of the same standard.

Now Politics! Yes that conundrum. xe1_IR_DSCF4872.jpgWe get bored with it don’t we? A manifesto is never carried out; the MP’s lie and Prime Minister’s dont know what they are doing. Heard it all before? Where’s the money coming from? Whose ‘gonna’ pay? Tax the rich give to the Poor; For the many not the few! I’m not going to start on the unions they all have their own alternative initiative; usually to bring a government down. I find it amazing that so many people (MPs included) can read from the same book of facts, reports and figures yet come up with such a different story. Pure impatience!

Take the Brexit ‘situation’! Everyone shouting from the hill tops that the process is too slow; the government have no plan and for some, suggesting that we should go back to the old days and return to the EU.

Well the that’s what the EU would like by stonewall tactics of delay to confuse us, the population of the UK, and also to protect the EU from further divorces and the proposed plan of a Federal State working as one under one roof. Let me add here – The plan is clear. The Eu want to create a closer working unity with all states adopting the Euro as a currency, free movement of people and free trade.

OK… For that to happen and really, I mean REALLY work means the following: One currency; One Economy; One Government! Country xe1_IR_DSCF4890.jpgparliaments will operate simply as councils as we know it! And that will never work and here’s the reason why.

You cannot pay the same salary to the bread maker in Naples that you do in Paris! You cannot pay the same salary to a car worker in Stuttgart that you do in Spain! You cannot expect the fisherman from north and west coasts of Europe as those from the south costal regions and islands. Why? Because their living costs and standards are so varied and different. And “Finally” you cannot and will never see a common ground that all the trade unions throughout Europe would work together; They all have there own (un)written agenda’s! For me that is the problem with the EU concept  – It simply wont work especially when so many countries owe so much money within the EU that effectively is shored up by a very aggressive central bank in the Bundesbank. Time will fall when enough is enough and the support will stop and the EU will crumble, topple and cause a major financial and economic fall out, something akin to the depression after the great 1929 stock market CRASH. The UK can stop this ‘folly’ by showing the way to other countries to expand their trade interests outside of Europe.

We continue to always look for something better, that the grass is always greener on the other-side. And the political farce that we are experiencing in Europe doesn’t help… Why are we like this? Could it be this impatience is the result of consumer behaviour? As new products are now cheaper, we have become a throw away society if a product doesn’t work; get an easy divorce from a loved one because we don’t see eye to eye anymore; we can even change our mind on the way our country is run or on a vote that we made. Or, is it that we are just suckers for adverts and eager clever salesmanship of the next best thing!

It can’t just be down to the advertisement or salesman! Can it? Where should we apportion the blame then? A little long shot I know but consider this. Maybe it’s the high street retailers that have inadvertently caused this, by making it easier for us to return a product, if we are not satisfied, or it’s the wrong colour in the light of day!

Could it just be the simple retailer that has caused this endemic attitude of impatience!